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Don’t let the big one get away

According to Texas A&M University, there are over a million private lakes, ponds, and stock tanks in Texas.

Aside from a water supply, they also offer valuable opportunities for recreation, especially fishing. That’s where we come in.

We’re Tyler Fish Farms. Owned an operated by Bob Waldrop, an Aggie with a degree in Wildlife and Fisheries and 30-years experience in all things bass, crappie and catfish.

Bob understands the challenges facing private pond and lake owners, managing his hatchery with Texas needs in mind.

He has the knowledge and training to you with critical management decisions. Recommend the proper species and forage. Help assess aquatic vegetation needs and water quality. Determine fish population densities.

So, come visit or give us a call at 903.849.2081. Let Tyler Fish Farms turn your watering hole into a trophy quarry or fish buffet!

Florida Largemouth and F1 Hybrids take six years to reach lunker size.